Genealogy Online: Finding Your Roots and Building a Family Tree

This course is an introductory course for individuals seeking more information on their family history and looking to build a family tree, particularly people of the African Diaspora.

Course Highlights:

  • It is self-paced, leaving time for you to do research in between modules.
  • The course comes with an interactive workbook and numerous resources.
  • You will learn many new skills and develop content knowledge related to oral history, traditional records, online records, DNA testing, and more.

Course Testimonials:

"The Maarifa Genealogy course is quite comprehensive. Each module provides great information on how to find records, compile information, and understand documentation found in the process of tracing your ancestry. It's worth every penny."

--Da'Von D.

"Lindsay’s genealogy course was truly a catalyst for delving deeper into my family’s history. If not for this course, I wouldn’t have had the much needed framework to begin exploring my family’s ancestral history. This course personally helped me process the death of my grandmother and document her life story in a rich and beautiful way. I highly suggest this course, especially to individuals who identify as African American and need assistance using documents to trace their family’s history. Thank you for creating this course Lindsay!

--Vivian A.

Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I'm the founder, owner, course developer, and curriculum writer for Maarifa Courses and Curriculum. I'm a historian, africologist, and educator with nearly 10 years of experience, as well as a certified Texas teacher, certified online professor, and certified higher education professor. Maarifa is currently offering an online genealogy course, an introductory course for individuals seeking more information on their family history, particularly people of the African Diaspora. Lindsay is not only passionate about the study of family history, but she utilizes her knowledge and skills to help her students to contextualize their unique histories.

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